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At Bushido Karate Jitsu you will find an all round approach to fitness, self-defense and karate, while having fun at the same time. With many different types of students there are many different benefits. Some students, particularly our young members, find large benefits from increased co-ordination. Some members find benefits from increased fitness and flexibility. Others enjoy the social aspect or the ability to feel comfortable in knowing they can defend themselves. No matter what is your goal, talk to us and we can tell you how Bushido will help.

Bushido Students can feel assured that they are being taught by qualified and ratified  instructors, with Senior Instructors at EVERY session, not one of those “helpers” that some clubs have, continuity is uppermost in our teaching!
Bushido students also benefit directly as we are a non profit making organisation, therefore we have no wages to pay, we are here because we enjoy Martial Arts,and all funding is indirectly returned to the students, be it in free events, subsidised personal equipment, or equipment purchased for the club to be used by the members, there are very few clubs like this one! Join us knowing you are getting the best deal around!!! And dont forget your first class is FREE!
The Dojo is located in  Leyland  Lancashire, England.
 Way of the Warrior 
“Training without ever practicing is a little like trying to find your way out of the desert whilst in the middle of a sandstorm. You may have a rough idea of the direction you need to take, but finding the path is almost impossible”
“Rob Toombs MSKC”
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Bushido Karate NOW 3 classes per week!

12 Classes per month £20.00  we are the cheapest in Lancashire and the best!